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An easy-to-use booking application can be an effective tool for various businesses. In addition to that, these ventures can take advantage of third party integrations to offer more features to their clients.

While building a booking application you normally provide all the basic features that streamline appointment scheduling, trigger reminders via push notifications, calendar functionalities & more.

However, you can also expand the capabilities of your booking app by leveraging some useful third-party integrations and offer a ton of extra services to your customers.

These integrations also help clients to use their favorite tools which result in better customer experiences & more revenue for your business.

4 Reasons to use Third-Party Integrations in Booking Apps

1. Offer Excellent Business Value

One of the most amazing benefits of third party integrations is the exciting value proposition it entails for your business.

Adding a couple of integrations in your mobile booking app might just nudge your customers to stick to your brand instead of switching to others.

For example: Adding zoom can help you to offer online consultations if your business deals in healthcare or education. On the other hand, Google calendar will help your customers to seamlessly integrate their schedule and then book an appointment slot according to their routine.

This obviously results in a better value proposition of your booking application & also helps you edge past competitors!

2. Make Your Booking Application Versatile!

If you add the right kind of integrations in your booking app then you might’ve just built a successful app for your business. Why?

Your booking application usually comprises all the basic features that will help clients to enjoy your services.

However, by incorporating third-party integrations you offer versatility in your booking app. There are a ton of integrations that can help you to enhance the user experiences of your mobile app.

If booking application development is not your forte then you can leverage an intuitive app builder like Reservifi. It offers a ton of exciting no-code features like the drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, real-time preview and more to easily build a booking app in minutes. You don’t have to write a single line of code!

3. Foster User Engagement with Social Media Integrations

Incorporating social media feeds in your booking app or nudging your clients to share their experiences with your business on social media is a brilliant way to enhance customer engagement.

Third-party integrations that direct users to your social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin among others will help users to relate with your brand.

It just takes a few simple clicks to share reviews, feedback, images or videos of experiences with your business. Prompting customers to write about your business on their feeds will not only boost your brand image but also help you to attract more users, boost bookings & enjoy more revenue!

4. Wonderful User Experiences

The idea behind adding third-party integrations in your booking app is to offer more features that result in excellent user experiences.

Doing this helps you build trust among customers as they will realize that you want to provide more & more services to them. They’ll readily associate with your brand, share about it with their friends & family which eventually results in more bookings, revenue & business growth.

These are 4 important reasons why you should go for building a booking app that boasts of third party integrations!

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