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Getting visitors onto your businesses’ website is no easy feat. Prompting them to avail of your services with the help of a Booking widget is even more difficult since many visitors just want to check out your services whereas others might end up going to a competitor because of pricing issues.

So, it is important that you design your website in such a way that it attracts & nudges your users to schedule an appointment with your business. Does an online booking widget help you to get more bookings if you place it on a certain part of your website? How can you improve your online booking system? If these questions are bothering you then read on to find some interesting solutions!

What is a Book Now Widget?

Almost every client expects to make a booking within a few minutes. They don’t want to linger on a website for far too long as they have other commitments to attend to.

So, your website should be built in such a way that it showcases all of your services, pricings & other aspects seamlessly. So, you need to choose the content & the images carefully as they can help you get or lose a customer within a matter of seconds.

Once this is done, you need to direct your customers to make a booking. This is where a booking widget comes into the picture. Customers can click on that widget so that they can be directed to a simple booking page. This is where customers carry out booking appointment with your business.

Tips to User Website Visitors to the Booking Widget

Every person who visits your website doesn’t necessarily intend on booking an appointment to avail of your services. Some might be brand new users who just discovered your website & simply want to know what your business is all about. Other visitors might be returning customers who simply intend to book an appointment quickly. In any case, you want your visitors to reach the booking widget so that they can book an appointment to avail of your services which in turn will boost your revenue & drive business growth.

However, achieving this is not so simple! You need to leverage a beautifully designed website flush with fluid navigation, eye-catchy design elements, top-class content & a well-laid path so that they will eventually reach the booking widget to schedule an appointment.

The F-Pattern Approach

A leading study on eye-tracking has shown that most people read text-laden webpages i.e., blogs or web pages from left to right just like we read normal text. Therefore, most users will typically check for headers &the left-hand side of the web page to see any interesting keywords or headings. They then head over to read the content.

So, if your website is content-heavy, then make sure to simplify the navigation. Preferably leverage some eye-catchy headers on the top of your homepage because this is where most people will look. After that, you can guide the users down the page to your booking widget.

The Z-Pattern Approach

If your website contains visual elements then most users will follow the Z pattern which is basically named after the eye movement.

So, you must’ve guessed by now that users will check out your content in a Z-shaped manner i.e., they will first look at the top of the page (header) for important content. Then they will scroll down to check out other features.

Where to Position Booking Widget on Your Website?

The Sidebar Approach

This approach is pretty self-explanatory as you will be placing the widget on the right-hand side or left-hand side of your website.

So whichever position you choose, the opposite space will most likely be reserved for a call-to-action & will also include some premium services & affordable price plans to attract the customers into booking appointment with your business.

The Center Approach

This approach is straightforward. You showcase all of your businesses’ USPs in the form of images & content to attract the user. After convincing the user to book with your services, you show them the Book Now widget so that your clients can click on it to schedule an appointment.

These are a few tips that will help you to setup booking widget on your website. Want to build a mobile app as well? Why not head over to Reservifi? It offers an exciting No-Code Platform on which you can build a booking application & also leverage booking widgets to seamlessly gain more customers & bookings for your business.

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