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Many people are venturing into the prospect of owning a business where they get clients through bookings/appointments. One of the best ways to get bookings for such businesses is through a booking mobile application.

But, Building a mobile app is complicated, isn’t it? This is where a No-Code Booking Mobile App Builder comes into the picture. These No-Code Platforms enable you to easily build a booking app in minutes. So, what features should you look out for while choosing a Booking Mobile App Builder? Read on to find out!

What Should You Look for In A Booking Mobile App Builder?

  • Look for a Simple yet Powerful Mobile App Builder

Your online booking app development platform should offer a clean UI so that you don’t have to get confused about what to do. In addition to that, the menu section should clearly outline the name of the feature or include a drop-down so that you can easily find what you want.

  • Don’t know Coding? Then Go for a No-Code Platform

If you want to build an online mobile booking app& don’t know anything about coding, then fret not! Many innovative companies are providing easy-to-use No-Code Platforms that do not require you to code to build a mobile application. All you need to do is use the visual environment to build your personalized booking application in minutes.

  • It Should Contain Easy-to-Use Features

A No-code platform should offer easy-to-use features like drag & drop, unlimited editing, real-time preview, calendar & booking management and many other features that will streamline the app building process.

  • Customization Options are a Must

Building a booking application on a no-code platform might be easy. But if it doesn’t provide customization options then there’s no point in using a no-code platform.

While looking for a Booking Mobile App Builder make sure that you search for a customization option that will let you personalize the login/signup page, the home page, check out, about us, contact us & other screens of your booking application.

  • It Should Let You Add Various Services With A Few Simple Clicks

Your booking business like a salon or an event management company might have a lot of services. If your Booking Mobile App Builder doesn’t let you add all the services that you provide, then such a mobile app builder won’t be of much use to you. In addition to that, you should be able to divide these services into categories so that customers can readily know about your services & book an appointment with you.

  • Real-Time Preview is Mandatory!

Nowadays, No-Code Platform-based Booking Mobile App Builders are enabling laymen & professional app developers to get a real-time preview of their booking application.

All you need to do is scan a QR code from their proprietary application & start using your booking app. If you find out any bugs, then you can always get back to the app builder, make the changes & preview the app again.

This saves your time & resources while enabling you to test your app in minutes. What’s more? After testing you can easily submit a publish request so that your app will be made available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Your customers can easily find your app since most of them own smartphones & start booking your services!

  • A Booking App is Incomplete with Calendar Management

People are busy with their jobs & personal lives. So, it is important that they create a schedule that helps them to get things done on time.

Where do they make this schedule? Calendar or a Planner!

Since you are searching for a Booking Mobile App Builder, ensure that it provides calendar management for you as well as for the customers. This will enable you to manage bookings while helping your customers to easily attend the appointment & reduce no-shows.

  • Don’t Forget to Check out the Payment Management Feature

Seamless payments are a must for any booking application. Customers want to make sure that they don’t have to spend hours in a line to make a simple payment.

If you provide a simple payment feature in your booking app, then your customers can easily book an appointment with you & pay for the services in advance. So, while looking for a Booking Mobile App Builder, make sure to check out the payment management feature.

  • Integrations will Make Your Booking App Versatile

Integrations such as Google Calendar or Zoom might be a boon for your business. If you provide online classes, tutorials, training programs or doctor consultations, then integrating Zoom into your booking app might prove to be beneficial. All that customers need to do is book an appointment & attend the online class!

Apart from this look for a Booking Mobile App Builder, that lets you get bookings onlinei.e., booking via a website or provide an iFrame integration for your existing website. This will help you to get bookings from multiple channels which will eventually result in more revenue & excellent business growth.

  • Miscellaneous Features

There are many other small but important features that you should look out for while choosing a Booking Mobile App Builder. Some of these features are App Settings, Business Hours, Social Media Page Links & more.

These are some features that you should look for in a Booking Mobile App Builder. Want to build an easy-to-use booking application that boasts of the aforementioned features? Then check out Reservifi. It is an amazing mobile app builder that enables you to seamlessly build a booking app in minutes.

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