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Mobile Booking apps are a boon to service-industry based businesses. In earlier times, people used to take out time to make appointments/bookings via a call or personal visit to a particular service provider.

However, times have changed & technologies have improved exponentially. What was considered as a difficult task a decade ago can be easily done today with a few clicks on your hand-held device i.e. Smartphone. Did you know that around 70% of people prefer a mobile booking system due to its ease of use? Around 80% of customers like price alert notifications since they get to grab the best deal.

Leveraging latest technologies to personalize booking apps go a long way in building trust with your customers increasing your brand reliability & revenue generation. Let us look at the major types of Mobile-based booking apps &theiruse cases for your business.

Mobile Booking Software for On-Demand Services:

On-demand mobile-based booking apps are used by customers when they need a particular service immediately. Statistical reports state that there are around 25 million people that use on-demand apps. Around 55% of these app users are in the age group of 25-44 years while 49% of users are millennials. Judging by these numbers, on-demand apps will witness a meteoric rise in the next few years in terms of usage, downloads & income generated.

Using on-demand apps is very simple as customers have to schedule a service (cleaning, delivery, taxi) & track it online for delivery. A few on-demand services that userscan use mobile booking online are:

  • Cleaning Services–If you own a cleaning business i.e carpet cleaning, laundry etc., then you can setup a mobile-based booking management system. It can enable your customers to order for cleaning services when they need them. You can also add nifty features like tracking deliveries via the map, time left for service delivery so & so forth.
  • Home Services–Businesses dealing in home improvement, repair & maintenance can deploy easy-to-use mobile applications so that customers can seamlessly order services.

Appointment Booking App for In-Advance Services:

In-advance booking apps let customers book services/appointments using calendars. The name itself suggests that users can request services in advance as per their convenience. This put users in control in terms of date & time selection &type of service needed. In-advance apps also help businesses deliver services without any sense of urgency as dates & timings are selected beforehand. A few services that can use in-advance mobile booking apps:

  • Movers & Packers – If your business deals with moving & packing services then providing a mobile application might just improve your revenue generation. Customers who want to move to other places can easily request for your service. Ensuring time-bound responses along with quality delivery of customers’ belongings will take your brand to new heights.
  • Healthcare Services –Medical & Dental clinics, physiologists, psychologists & other healthcare professionals can deploy a mobile booking solution that lets customers make appointments in advance. This helps the professionals to attend to each patient with love & care as most of the appointment or booking related services are handled by the mobile application.

These are the major categories & a few use cases of mobile booking solutions for businesses. Small & large businesses can also DIY mobile app builders like Reservifi that lets you create & publish your very own booking apps to increase your business visibility & revenue generation.

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