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Mobile applications are quickly becoming the go-to solution for various tasks like shopping, ordering groceries or food, scheduling an appointment via a booking management app & many others.

Sometimes, a particular mobile app becomes viral whereas others bite the dust. One of the primary reasons for this phenomenon is the first time user experience i.e. Onboarding. Customers are attracted to apps that showcase a rich blend of features, stunning visuals & seamless user interface.

This is where many sub-par mobile applications lose the race to gain customers since they are not very well developed. So, let’s quickly understand about few factors & tips that can help you to improve the onboarding experience of your booking app for customers.

Critical Factors of Mobile App Onboarding

FUTE – First Time User Experience

As we saw earlier, it is important to make your booking application in such a way that it invites users to open it & and check out your products/services.

If a single logo or a font is out of place, then it can have a serious impact on the onboarding experience of customers.

The Ratio of App Installs & Active Users

If you put in a considerable amount of time in the mobile app development process, then you will want to see more number of app installs.

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean more active users. Let’s look at an interesting fact – People can simply install a booking app & not look at it for months. 

They might most probably look at it while clearing up some junk space & open it. So, you need to focus on developing your booking app in such a way that it attracts more users. Additionally, you need to make the app onboarding process as smooth as possible.

Tips to Improve Booking App Onboarding Experience

You just need a few simple tweaks to build a robust yet attractive booking mobile application. So here are some basic tips that you can incorporate into the mobile app development process to enhance the onboarding process for your booking application

  1. Offer Value Proposition

Keep your app interface in such a way that users can readily understand what your business is all about. Clearly outline the services that you offer & showcase them via your mobile application in an intuitive way. 

  1. Avoid Information Overload

Too much text or detailed instructions can make the first-time users weary & nudge them to leave your booking app. Instead, focus on incorporating a seamless navigation experience for users.

  1. Take Users on a Practical Journey

Integrate useful steps with images or pointers so that first-time users can easily browse your booking app. Take them on a learn by doing approach – this will nudge users to check out your app & familiarize themselves about your services. They will also easily learn about app-specific gestures & processes.

  1. Simplify the Sign-up Screen

This is the trickiest part of a mobile app onboarding process. It can make or break your booking application. Here are some helpful tips to streamline the signup screen of your booking app:

  • Optimize the sign-up page – Ensure that you keep the sign-up page clean & intuitive. Avoid putting intrusive elements like advertisements or descriptions about your services.
  • Simplify the sign-up form – Make sure that you keep the form short. So, you can include name, email address, two-times password entry & phone number (if required). Do not pester first-time users by asking irrelevant information.
  • Social Sign-ups – Nowadays, this method is being used by many mobile applications. The idea is to integrate Facebook, Twitter, & Gmail links which the customers can use to sign-up. So, users don’t have to add their details in the sign-up form. They can quickly click on the “Sign-Up Via Google/Facebook/Twitter” or other platforms & complete the signup process.

  1. Put a Progress Bar

Help customers track their sign-up & app learning process by providing a progress bar on the top of the app screen. You can add a set of bars or lines to symbolize each step & its completion. This will also encourage first-time users

  1.  Make “Learning About Your App” an Ongoing Process

Make every step of the user onboarding process an enjoyable & learning experience. Disseminate crucial information whenever a first-time user navigates the sign-up page & other features of the app. Once the users are accustomed to the basic features, then you can gradually introduce new features & design elements to get your customers hooked to your booking app.

These are some helpful tips that you can follow to enhance the onboarding process of your booking app.

You can leverage an amazing booking mobile app builder called Reservifi that lets you create an easy-to-use booking management app with the help of powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview.

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