Tips to Attract New Users to Your Booking Mobile App

You have just created a brand new booking mobile app for your business. You might’ve used a powerful No code platform that lets you create an amazing mobile app within minutes.

But, creating a mobile app is just the initial step for your business. There are many small & large businesses out there who already have their custom mobile apps which boast of thousands of users.

In such a competitive mobile app market, it is difficult to promote your mobile app & attract mobile users. In addition to that, a large number of smartphone users hardly download new apps.

While an average user has 100 mobile apps, he/she uses only 5-10 apps in a day. So, you can imagine the difficulty of grabbing a mobile user’s attention & nudging them to download your app.

But, Fret not! For there are close to 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world & this number will increase in the coming days. Almost two-thirds of internet users prefer mobile apps to purchase products or avail services. 

You just need to adopt the right strategies to onboard more users to your mobile app. Let’s look at a few efficient ways to attract mobile users to your personalized booking mobile app.

5 Ways to Attract Users to Your Custom booking mobile app

You need to put in some efforts to gain new customers for your booking app. It might include some strategies like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Advertisements and more.

While these are wonderful ways to get new customers, it is primarily the booking mobile app & the amazing services that customers notice first. So, here are 5 amazing ways to attract more users for your booking app:

Registration & Login – Seamless Onboarding Process

The first page that any booking mobile app user comes across is the registration & login page. In today’s era of fierce competition in the mobile app market, this saying holds value – “A good first impression can work wonders”.

Designing a registration & login page that is eye-catchy and easy-to-use can go a long way in captivating a customer. Ensure that the app onboarding process is hassle-free.

If a customer downloads your app & finds out that the registration process is cumbersome, he/she will instantly leave your app & switch to another one. This can hurt your business which depends on bookings.

Leading statistical reports state that more than 75% of mobile users prefer an app onboarding process that takes less than a minute to complete. So, it is important to provide a seamless app onboarding experience for customers.

This factor can impress the customers & they will most likely recommend your app to their friends or family. Thus more customers will use your app & experience fast onboarding process. Ultimately your business will witness more customer bookings via your booking mobile app due to a simple but effective onboarding process.

Intuitive Interface – Effortless Navigation

As we saw in the first point, simple & seamless app usage is something that every customer wants. Nobody wants an app that is difficult to navigate & has cumbersome functions.

These are some benefits of an intuitive interface for your booking mobile app:

  • Customers will know that you respect their preferences
  • Makes a great impression on customers
  • Helps your app to strike the right balance between features & design
  • Generates customer confidence about your business
  • Excellent on-screen experience

With a traditional mobile app development process, ensuring an intuitive interface will consume a lot of time. This is where a DIY mobile app builder comes into the picture.

Businesses that depend on bookings or appointments to offer services can leverage a powerful No-Code Platform for booking apps called Reservifi that lets you create easy-to-use booking mobile apps within minutes.

App Store Optimization – A Great Mobile App Marketing Strategy

You might’ve come across mobile app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. These app stores are a great way to showcase your booking app & rake in more customers.

The primary objective of app store optimization is to enable users to find your app easily & download it so that they can use it.

Some important aspects of App Store Optimization are:

  • Title – Make a creative yet easy-to-grasp title so that users can find it easily.
  • Description – Write an effective, keyword-rich mobile app description
  • Ratings – This depends on your booking mobile app. Its features, design & wonderful user experience will result in positive customer ratings.
  • Icon – One of the effective mobile marketing tips is to choose an eye-catchy icon.
  • Screenshots/Videos – This will give the customer a quick preview of your booking app.
  • Category – Choose the type of category so that your app can be easily visible to mobile app searchers.

These App Store Optimization methods will ensure that your booking mobile app shows up on potential customer’s mobile phones. The app screenshots, alluring description & an amazing icon will generate customer interest.

This will eventually lead to more app downloads & this means more new users for your booking mobile app. How simple is that! 

Customer Service – One of The Best Mobile App Promotion Strategies

Customer service & customer engagement go hand in hand when it comes to a booking mobile app. A mobile app is a gateway to customer preferences, his compliments, complaints & more.

A mobile app must facilitate ease of use for purposes like:

  • Raising complaints – Seamless options to lodge any grievance.
  • Support Tickets – If customers want any additional support.
  • Reminders – Seamless alerts for customers to remind them about upcoming appointments.
  • Contact Information – Readily give out such information so that customers can easily contact you for further assistance

This will raise the standards of customer service. Customers will also prefer your brand over others since your business provides better service. This will ultimately result in more customer inflow as existing ones will refer your business & its mobile app to their friends, colleagues & family.

Wonderful Deals – Increase Mobile App Users Like Never Before

Discounts & Deals act as an icing on the cake. Customers look out for lucrative discounts or deals since they want to get services at the best price possible. You easily can leverage this customer opinion to your advantage.

Simply put in some first-time user discounts for people who will download & sign up for your app. Once they experience your service, they will surely refer it to more people. Additionally, you can leverage AI/ML, Cloud, IoT, Data Science & Analytics via a booking mobile app to understand customer preferences. Based on these you can alert customers via push notifications about upcoming deals & discounts on the booking app.

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