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Mobile-centricity has been driving businesses to utilize mobile applications & drive business growth.

If we look a decade back, mobile devices were slowly picking up the pace. Mobile applications were rudimentary & served simple purposes. Fast forward to 2020 & you can see with your own eyes how smartphones & mobile apps have changed the entire market.

It is hard to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone these days. It has become a necessity for the common man. Businesses have understood the underlying potential of these portable devices. Companies that have built & deployed mobile apps attest to the fact that they have witnessed a manifold increase in bookings, sales & revenue. 

But, many offline & online stores are still reluctant to leverage a mobile application for their business. So, let’s look at some disadvantages of not going mobile.

What Will You Lose by not Going Mobile for Your Business?

  1. Missing the Revenue Generation Opportunities

Let’s look at some interesting facts:

  • In 2019, the global mobile app revenue generated was estimated to be around USD 461 million. This will dramatically increase in the years to come.
  • Mobile applications generate 5-8 times more revenue per user as compared to websites & also boasts of 3 times user conversion rate.
  • An average person using a mobile app for shopping generates almost 3 times more revenue as compared to a person who uses a website.

So, you should include leverage a mobile app in your online business management strategy if you want to generate more revenue. 

  1. Most Customers are using Mobiles

As we have seen earlier almost everyone has a smartphone. Many people who don’t own a smartphone get it just because their brother/sister/friends/relatives have one. 

It is much easier & cheaper to get a mobile device as compared to computers or laptops. This is one of the reasons why mobile traffic is higher as compared to traffic generated from computers/laptops. If you are not thinking about mobile app development & publishing your personalized booking app then you will lose a lot of customers.

So, building & using a mobile app is the logical way to gain more customers & improve sales.

  1. The cut-throat competition will overwhelm your business

If you don’t plan on developing a mobile application soon, then it can have serious implications on your business prospects.

Your business won’t enjoy more visibility due to the lack of a mobile application in the play store. Even if you put up your business listing in google, it won’t have much effect on bookings & revenue since customers are too busy to visit your brick & mortar store.

Websites, on the other hand, might help you to gain some customers, but if the website is poorly maintained, then the few customers that you might’ve received will leave you instantly & switch to a competitor.

However, a mobile application can help you rise above the competition & gain more customers.

  1. Your business becomes irrelevant to Millennials & Gen-Z

Millennials & Gen-Z want everything readily available at their fingertips. If you expect them to visit your website or physical store, then you are thinking in the wrong direction.

Going mobile for your business will be the right way forward as the young generation is already hooked to smartphones & mobile applications.

  1. Less customer engagement

Engaging in a conversation with the customer when he/she avails your service is the only time you get to interact. Rest of the times you are cut-off from the customer.

However, if you take into account developing & taking advantage of a booking mobile application into your online business management strategy, then it can bring in some amazing benefits.

You can leverage some exciting features of your booking app like:

  • Push Notifications – Personalized alerts related to latest offers, upcoming deals & sales.
  • Mobile Deep Linking – Targeted banners or links that will take customers directly to specific product/special offer pages.
  • Calendar Management – You can notify customers about an upcoming appointment.
  • Social Media – Connect with customers in a better way by integrating your social media pages. You can also nudge customers to share your business on various social media platforms.

These are some of the disadvantages of not going mobile for your business. However, if you own a business & plan to build a mobile app for it then you should take a look at Reservifi. It is an amazing no-code mobile app development that offers powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing and more to help even laymen build a feature-rich beguiling booking app within minutes.

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