Staff Scheduling


Easy Staff Management

Our No Code Platform for booking app enables you to seamlessly delegate appointments to your staff.

Automatic Staff Adjustments

Worried about staff scheduling conflicts due to cancelled bookings? Reservifi has your back! It automatically allots the next appointment to the respective employee.


Improved Customer Service

Leverage Staff Scheduling features in your booking management app to provide better service to your customers.

Simplified Appointment Tracking

Reservifi’s Calendar Sync & Staff Scheduling features will help all of your employees to keep a track of upcoming appointments with ease.

Excellent Flexibility

Reservifi’s Staff Scheduling helps you to create a more flexible schedule for your employees. Minimize unnecessary overtime by efficiently tracking & managing your staff work schedule.

Staff-Managed Appointments

Your employees can manage the scheduled appointments instead of you which gives you extra time that can be leveraged to enhance the customer experience.

Improved Customer Engagement

By offering customers the comfort of choosing their favorite employee, you provide a personalized customer experience since your clients can easily connect with familiar staff.


Simplify Staff Scheduling & Management with Reservifi Today!

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