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Smartphones & Mobile Applications have witnessed accelerated adoption by consumers in the past few years due to advancement in technology & portability. Mobile applications have particularly helped us in simplifying a lot of activities like ordering groceries, availing a service or book appointments.

A decade ago, if you wanted to book an appointment, you either had to call that particular business or stand in a queue to avail the services. But, with a Mobile Booking Application, anyone can book an appointment within a few minutes. How convenient is that! 

Reports state that almost 76% of customers use an appointment booking app to book appointments whereas online booking coupled with automated reminders has reduced no-shows by 29%. 40% of customers book an appointment in the evening since they are occupied with work during the day. These numbers indicate that your business can easily leverage mobile technology to facilitate appointments & gain more customers. Let us look at some ways to simplify your appointment process via a custom mobile booking app for enhanced growth of your business.

Few ways to simplify your appointment process with a Mobile App

To simplify your appointments for customers, follow these tips while making a mobile application to witness more appointments & increased profits:

Streamline the Appointment Booking & Confirmation Process

This is one of the primary aspects of your Mobile Booking Application that needs to be focused on. If a customer enters your app to make an appointment, he/she should be able to do it with just a few clicks. You can add a button on the starting page of the app that lets the customers make a quick appointment. You can also add a feature that lets customers know the date & time of appointment as soon as they finish scheduling the appointment. This will enable your clients to make an appropriate arrangement beforehand so that they can easily attend the appointment. 

Add Appointment Reminders to your Booking Mobile App

Once a customer is done with the appointment scheduling, he/she usually gets back to their daily activities. They might even forget that they have an appointment on a particular date. You can take this opportunity to help customers by adding automated reminders. This will enable them to visit your business on time resulting in reduced no-shows.

Offer a Seamless Payment experience in your mobile application

In this digital age, almost everyone is accustomed to online payments. By offering simplified payment options, you encourage customers to go digital which reduces the hassle of manual payments. With a simplified payment feature & automated reminders, you gain customer trust which results in improved business reliability.

Amazing Benefits of a Mobile App for Appointment Management

  1. Excellent Resource Utilization – Since most of the appointment process is automated, existing resources can be used in other productive activities.
  2. Increased Staff Productivity – Since your staff is not engaged in all the activities of appointment scheduling, they can focus on other activities which need attention.
  3. Enhanced Customer Service – As the appointment procedure is automated for most parts, you can emphasize on giving a holistic customer experience while they attend your appointment.
  4. Increased ROI – Reduced no-shows, enhanced staff productivity & improved resource utilization will result in fewer expenses & more revenue leading to the best possible ROI for your business.

Thus, the above-mentioned tips can be used to simplify your appointments which leads to a gamut of benefits for your business. Additionally, you can use a cutting-edge Booking Mobile App Builder like Reservifi that lets you easily create & deploy a custom mobile application for all of your appointment & booking-related services.

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