Services Management


Resources Management

Worried about Business Scalability? Reservifi has got you covered. Easily incorporate extra features of your business with Resource Management.

Services Management

Seamlessly add all of your services into your booking app & online booking page with Reservifi


Category Management

Adding Categories of your services is as easy as taking a walk in the park. Simply add the name of the category, its extra charges & relevant description.

Automated Price Calculation

Our No Code Platform for booking app automatically calculates additional service expenses availed by the customer. No more confusion in booking charges!

Make Your Business Versatile

Want to provide more services to customers? Reservifi has your back! It facilitates easy addition of more services to your booking app to help you make your business more versatile.

Customizable Services

Leverage our DIY mobile app builder to effortlessly add or edit each section of your service. Reservifi is simple like that!

Get More Appointments

Get ahead of your competition by seamlessly offering more services. Customers prefer one-stop-shop solutions and your business can easily become that with Reservifi!


Effortlessly Add Services into your Booking App with Reservifi

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