Scale your Business with Native Booking Mobile Applications

Looking for ways to scale your business & enjoy enhanced conversions? Then a mobile application is what you need!

In today’s world, people use smartphones for a variety of reasons apart from just making calls. This is made possible due to feature-rich mobile applications. You might’ve come across these common mobile operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS & iPadOS (For Tablets)

Most smartphones & tablets are powered by these mobile OS. Each mobile OS gives a mobile app a different set of app features & functionalities.

This is because each operating system has its own set of internal code that helps a mobile application to function appropriately. 

That is why businesses prefer native mobile apps as these apps provide amazing user experience to customers. Let’s learn more about native apps & their benefits for businesses.

What Is a Native Mobile Application?

As the name implies, it is an application that is specifically made for a particular mobile operating system.

Native mobile apps are developed in such a way that they leverage the features of that particular operating system i.e. either Android or iOS since these are the most used mobile OS in smartphones & tablets.

Since native apps are developed as per the mobile OS, users can easily find them in relevant app stores i.e. Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Building such apps is complicated when you undertake a traditional mobile app development process. But, you can leverage a powerful No-Code Platform like Reservifi to build a native booking app within minutes to seamlessly scale your business.

Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are categorized into 3 types namely:

  1. Native Apps – These apps are built for specific mobile operating systems.
  2. Web Apps – Responsive websites that switch to mobile view as per the screen size & resolution of the smartphone
  3. Hybrid Apps – This app is a combination of native & web apps. So while it gets installed like a regular app, the functions inside the app will run on a web browser.

Benefits of Native Mobile Apps for Business

Here are a few advantages of native mobile applications:

Excellent App Speed & Performance 

A native app gives the app developers the ability to leverage OS features & exercise control which translates to excellent user experience.

Customers have less time as they are engaged in various works. If your mobile app loads slowly or feels laggy, then a customer wouldn’t hesitate to switch to an alternative app since there is no dearth of mobile apps from your competitors.

So, developing a native mobile application is the best way to leverage the smartphone’s processing speed & its functions to offer an easy-to-use mobile app.

As a native app is specifically built for a particular OS, it’s performance & efficiency will be better as opposed to hybrid or web apps. 

This gives you a competitive edge over other businesses & helps you to scale your business effectively.

Robust Security

As native mobile apps are developed keeping the mobile OS in mind, developers can seamlessly push updates & security patches quickly as compared to hybrid or web apps.

Native apps also offer excellent security as opposed to web & hybrid apps since the latter depends on technologies like Javascript, CSS & HTML5. These slow down the app & are less secure.

This helps customers know that you value their digital security & hence they will stick to your 

Access to All the Features of a Mobile Device

Native apps can easily leverage mobile hard features like:

  • GPS – to know the location of customers
  • Camera – to enable customers to take pictures for review or social media sharing purposes
  • Microphone – A quick chat with the support team
  • Push Notifications – Timely reminders for customers regarding their scheduled appointments. You can also use these to reduce no-shows.

These are some amazing benefits of native mobile apps that you can easily leverage to scale your business. 

You can seamlessly create a native mobile booking app for iOS or Android OS with the help of an easy-to-use mobile app builder called Reservifi. It lets you build a personalized native app by leveraging features like drag & drop, unlimited editing, real-time preview & more.

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