Recurring Appointments


Multiple Recurring Appointments

Empower your customers to schedule a series of future bookings. They can choose daily/weekly/monthly recurring appointments as per their convenience.

Ease of Appointment Scheduling

Instead of offering single appointments in your booking app, nudge customers to avail recurring appointments with the flick of a finger. It’s that easy!


Offer Seamless Payment Options

Concerned about managing payments for recurring appointments? Reservifi has got you covered. It helps you to offer easy payment options in your Appointment Scheduling App.

Online Recurring Appointments

Reservifi helps you to set up recurring appointments in your Booking App and Online website with ease. Our customizable website widget feature helps you to integrate repetitive appointments with ease.

Increased number of appointments

Recurring appointments help you to sort out business continuity challenges. How? Customers book appointments for the upcoming days which results in sustainable revenue generation for your business.

Prevent Double Bookings

Getting multiple bookings from the same customer? With our No Code Platform for booking app you can easily avoid scheduling conflicts. Streamline appointment scheduling with recurring bookings to enhance business productivity!

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Nudging your customers to avail recurring appointments feature will not help you get more clients but also improve customer loyalty. Take advantage of the recurring appointments & improve your brand image!


Leverage Recurring Appointments to get more Bookings!

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