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Loyal Clients are an important asset for any business. So, how can you prioritize loyal clients with the help of an easy-to-use mobile booking app? Read on to find out!

Loyal Clients – Why are they Important?

1. Enjoy a Higher & Consistent Revenue Stream

Loyal Customers who regularly make appointments with your business essentially contribute to more than 50% of your revenue. They return to your business irrespective of the cut-throat competition. Why? Because they love your business!

So, it is important to have a group of customers who are loyal to your business as you can rest knowing that they will show up every single week/month and help your business in generating consistent revenue.

2. Build Stronger Relationships with Customers

You can easily build trust with clients who are loyal to your business. The same cannot be said for new clients. Why is that?

If you pitch a product to a new client, chances are that they may not try it out. On the contrary, loyal clients know you & your business well. So, they will most probably try out any new service that you pitch to them.

But, mind you, you must not take advantage of such trust & pitch just about any product that might harm your clients in any way.

However, you can make valuable suggestions to your clients about the benefits of the products that you are offering. Such add-on services/products will further help you to increase sales & revenue for your business.

3. Customer Loyalty equals Customer Retention

Well, isn’t the above title true?

Loyal Customers means all those clients who chose to stay back & avail of your services regularly. If you build good relationships with such customers, chances are that they will refer your business to their friends, family or even colleagues!

This will obviously increase your client list that will eventually translate to more revenue for your business.

3 Effective Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Take Feedback from Your Customers

Asking for feedback from your customers about your services is a great way to kickstart the process of encouraging customer loyalty. Why?

Your customers will get to know that you value their opinion or to put it simply – You Value Them!

You can leverage a star rating review, a poll or a survey to periodically get feedback from your customers. Keep feedbacks straight forward & simple so that customers can fill it up in a few minutes. Chances are that the same customers might show up the next day to see if you improved in your services.

  • Simplify Communication with Your Customers

You can seamlessly leverage push notifications in your mobile booking app, text or email reminders to effectively communicate about an upcoming appointment. No need to wait for the customer’s call or text.

By employing such effective communication techniques, you not only save time (yours & customer’s) but let customers know that you value their time & association with you.

Additionally, your reminders i.e., notifications, text messages or emails act as a reminder that will nudge your customers to show up to the appointment.

The result – Reduced No Shows & Increased Revenue for your Business.

  • Attract Customers with a Loyalty Program

You might’ve come across various VIP/Loyalty Programs that offer a host of benefits to the subscriber. For ex: a complimentary service on every appointment, a freebie or special consultations.

You can curate a loyalty program that suits your business & encourage customers to avail it on your booking app. This will not only nudge your clients to come back to your business regularly but it will also help you to get consistent revenue.

Tips to Prioritize Loyal Clients with a Mobile Booking App

  • You can keep Special Booking Slots for Loyal Customers

You can reserve special booking slots in your booking app for customers who have signed up for your loyalty program or those clients who regularly schedule appointments with your business.

Don’t keep all the booking slots for them because you also need new clients to visit your business. Additionally, you can check with your loyal customers about their availability & pre-book those slots so that your clients can have a hassle-free appointment experience.

  • Give an Option of Booking from Your Mobile App or Website

Most people own & use smartphones. So, why not offer a mobile booking app to your customers so that they can seamlessly schedule an appointment. Many people also browse the internet via desktops/laptops, so you can easily build a small booking page that can be leveraged by your customers to book an appointment.

  • Always Act on the Feedback given by Customers

Taking feedback from your customers via a booking app is a good practice. But, simply taking feedback & not acting on it won’t help your business.

You need to take positive feedback from customers about your services & products and use these pointers to improve your services. This will really enable customers to understand that you not only value their opinions but act on them as well.

These are some ways effective ways through which you can prioritize loyal clients with a booking app. Want to build an easy-to-use mobile booking app for your customers? Then head over to Reservifi. It’s powerful features like Drag & Drop, Real-Time Preview, Customization options & others let you build a booking app within minutes

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