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Booking apps are used in a gamut of industries such as healthcare, beauty & wellness, home services, education, transportation & more. Before booking apps came to the market, people used to call a particular service provider to make an appointment which was time taking & cumbersome.

However, booking apps brought with themselves ease of booking along with seamless payments & timely reminders for personalized customer experience. In addition to that, a simple mobile app builder can enable small & large enterprises to create a mobile app with ease. Businesses can easily reap these benefits for improved revenue & brand visibility. Read on to know a few steps on how to create a mobile app with a DIY mobile app builder for booking purposes within 10 minutes.

Choose an appropriate Color Scheme & Theme

The easiest way to create an app for booking purposes is to start by selecting an appropriate design & theme for your app. You can choose a great color scheme & pick a theme that suits your business services.

Use the Drag & Drop Feature to add functionalities to your app

Simply drag & drop functions as well as features that you want in your app. You need not write extensive code or spend hours in testing the app. With a mobile app builder, you can create a Mobile Booking App simply & quickly. Add sidebars, menus, payment options & more!

Change any feature within minutes with Unlimited Editing

If you don’t like a particular function or notice that a specific feature isn’t adding any value to your app, simply edit & remove or replace it with any other function. How easy is that?

Deploy your app with ease

After you make an app for booking purposes, just raise a publish request & a professional team for app publishing will take care of your request. They will ensure that your app is seamlessly compiled & published in Android or iOS App stores as per your request.

Manage Your App

Mobile App Builders provide a user-intuitive dashboard that can be utilized to manage bookings, employees, customers & payments. Reap the benefits of features like Calendar, Invoice & Resource Management coupled with easy integrations to simplify the appointment process for customers & maximize your income generation.

These are a few tips to Create a Mobile Booking App in 10 minutes. You can use an excellent No-Code Platform for Booking App called Reservifi to create a mobile application for booking purposes & accelerate your business.

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