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Traditional mobile app development was considered to be a boon a decade ago. However, things have changed & businesses want things to be done quickly (even mobile app development!). This led to innovations in app development methods that includes the trailblazing No-Code Platforms. So, what are they all about? How can you easily build a mobile app using these platforms? Read on to find out!

What are No-Code Platforms?

As the name implies, No-Code Mobile App Development Platforms are those that do not require the developers to write code to build a mobile application.

So, how can you build a booking app then?

By simply using the visual drag & drop builder, amateurs for professionals can seamlessly choose design components & features. After that, simply drag & drop those to quickly build your mobile application.

No Code Mobile App Builders also offer a ton of other cool features that can easily simplify & streamline your business process. Read on to know more!

Are No-Code Platforms better than Code-based Platforms?

Absolutely yes! Why?

Do you want to write lengthy code every day for months?

Want to spend a lot of time testing the code & your app?

Found some errors but you need to allot additional time just to fix them?

Most businesses would say no to the aforementioned questions. That is because traditional mobile app development entails code writing & other aspects which consume a lot of time & resources.

So, what is the solution then?

No Code Mobile App Builders!

They simplify the app development process by eliminating coding & other capital-intensive requirements by offering intuitive features like drag & drop builder, real-time preview, unlimited editing & more!

Advantages of No Code Mobile Application Development

1. Internal Resources are well Optimized

Businesses can leverage internal resources effectively instead of outsourcing app development projects to third-party vendors. Even laymen can build professional booking apps on No-Code Platforms & offer them to customers to drive bookings & revenue.

2. Accelerated Application Deployment

As you already know, traditional application deployment consumes a lot of time & resources. On the contrary, No Code Mobile App Builder empowers businesses to quickly build an amazing booking app within minutes.

3. Make Changes Quickly

No-Code App Development platforms enable you to seamlessly make changes if in case you come across bugs or critical fixes in your mobile application.

4. Total Cost of Ownership is Less.

Building a booking application, the traditional way is definitely going to cost you more as compared to building it with the help of No-Code App Development Platforms.

Build a Booking App in Minutes with No-Code Platforms

Now, you might’ve understood the various benefits associated with Booking App Development via No-Code Platforms. So, how do you actually build your very own booking app in minutes? Here are a few steps that you can follow to quickly build your booking app:

  • Select a Relevant Industry

Most NoCode App Builders prompt you to choose an industry that your business is related to. This way you can get relevant color schemes & app templates to seamlessly build your mobile application.

  • Select a Template or Create Your Own Template

No-Code Platforms are built to simplify & accelerate mobile app development. You don’t want to go through various processes or steps to build your app. That is why app development platforms offer templates that can be easily selected to save time & fast track the app development process.

  • Enter all the Basic Details about Your Business

You are welcomed by a set of text boxes & options where you can easily enter your Businesses’ name, Address, Email, Website, Working Hours, Social Media Links & the App Name that you would like.

  • Leverage the Drag & Drop Builder

Go to the App Design section where you can seamlessly start building your mobile app by dragging & dropping features, design components & more. Additionally, you can customize the Login, Register, About Us, Contact Us & Checkout page as per your business needs.

  • Test your App with Real-Time Preview

No-Code Platforms help you to seamlessly get a real-time preview of your mobile application on your mobile device. All you need to do is scan the QR code to start testing your Booking App

  • Found Some Bugs? Leverage Unlimited Editing Feature

If you do find some errors in your Booking Application then you can seamlessly fix them by coming back to the drag & drop building and using the Editing function.

These are a few steps that you should follow to build your very own Booking Application. Other features that you should look for include integrations like Google Calendar & Zoom, Appointment Timelines for easy booking management, Push Notifications to reduce no-shows, Customizable services & more. Want to build a booking app for your business? Why not check out Reservifi. It is a powerful No-Code Platform that offers all the aforementioned features & more to help businesses reach out to more customers& improve the brand image as well as revenue.

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