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Businesses who depend on appointments to provide services are adopting mobile booking apps  to boost bookings & drive business growth.

Such businesses previously depended on calls or personal visits from customers for scheduling appointments. This extensive process was cumbersome & time-consuming. Customers had a hard time making appointments in such a manner resulting in poor ROI & less business growth.

But, the advent of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Big Data & others are helping businesses to go digital via an appointment booking app. The latest statistical reports state that there are close to 3 billion smartphone users across the world. Around 90% of people spend their mobile time on interactive mobile applications.

Startups, large enterprises & entrepreneurs have realized the potential of a mobile booking application and are investing in it to gain customers & boost bookings. Let’s look at how businesses can enhance bookings & increase sales with the help of a mobile booking app.

Advantages of a Mobile Booking Application

  • Seamless booking experience – No need of calling a particular business. Schedule an appointment with a few clicks.
  • Automated Reminders for customers – Customers can be periodically reminded about their scheduled appointment resulting in fewer no-shows.
  • Improved Brand Image – People will recognize the brand due to its seamless services & recommend it to others.
  • Easy Booking, Invoice & Payments management – Manage your bookings with ease.
  • Third-party integrations for app scalability – Google calendar, Zoom & more.
  • Competitive advantage over traditional businesses – Get customers & bookings faster!

Effective Ways to Boost Bookings with A Mobile App

Mobile applications are here to stay. The increased penetration of smartphones into the market is one of the driving factors of high mobile app usage. Businesses can leverage this factor to get more customers & boost revenue. Here are a few simple methods to boost bookings with a mobile booking app:

Intuitive App Design – An Crucial Factor to Grow Your Business

  • Whenever a customer uses a mobile booking application, the first thing that they will notice is the design of the app.
  • By providing an easy-to-navigate, responsive & user-friendly booking app, you can attract more customers to book your services.
  • The theme, color scheme & icons that you choose for the app can also play a major role in getting more customers.
  • Thus a well-designed mobile booking app will automatically boost bookings & help you to drive business growth.

Startups & Enterprises who depend on appointments for their business growth can leverage an amazing mobile app builder called Reservifi to create a mobile booking app. Use its powerful features like Unlimited editing, Drag & Drop, Real-Time Preview & others to build a booking app and achieve higher ROI.

Easy-to-Fill Forms – The best way to increase your bookings

  • People are tired of traditional booking methods like calling or standing in queues. These methods take up a lot of precious time.
  • But, with a mobile app, customers expect to book an appointment in a few minutes.
  • By offering a small yet simple form in your mobile booking application, you encourage customers to make quick bookings.
  • They can easily enter their details, select the date of the appointment & finalize their booking.
  • This saves time & helps you to boost bookings & generate amazing revenue.

Tip – Provide designated sections in the form so that a customer can enter his/her details easily. Encourage customers to save their details while creating a new account so that they can easily select it while filling the form.

Lucrative Deals & Offers – Attract More Customers

  • Customers lookout for exciting deals & discounts before they complete their booking.
  • You can take advantage of this opportunity & ask customers to use your mobile app to avail coupon codes, cashback & other attractive offers.
  • You can also offer loyalty programs so that customers can stick to your business.
  • Naturally, more customers will book your services via a mobile booking application.
  • More customers directly boost bookings & increase the revenue generation of your business.

Businesses can leverage a powerful booking mobile app builder called Reservifi to create world-class mobile booking apps. Use features like Drag & Drop, Real-time preview & more to create your first booking app & accelerate business growth.

Customer Support – Swiftly resolve queries & complaints

  • As customers have less time they expect quick responses from a business.
  • You can provide instant resolutions with the help of AI-based chatbots.
  • As customers receive faster resolutions, they will value your services & stay loyal to your business.
  • They will also talk about your mobile booking app with their family, friends & colleagues i.e. excellent promotion of your mobile booking application.
  • Thus more customers would want to avail your services. This can easily boost bookings & increase sales which result in higher ROI for your business.

Example – A reliable hotel booking mobile app provides 24×7 customer support for customers so that they can ask questions & raise support tickets within seconds.

Customer Ratings & Reviews – Showcases your Brand Reliability

  • Encourage customers to post reviews & give ratings about their mobile booking & service experience.
  • Ratings & Reviews are a great way to showcase the quality of the service provided.
  • As many people use a mobile app, they will come across these wonderful ratings & reviews and might be prompted to download your mobile booking app.
  • As they download the booking app, you can leverage the push notifications feature to give them curated offers.
  • Eventually, customers would like to try out your services & schedule an appointment which can easily boost bookings & generate more revenue for your business.

Prominent Use-Cases of Mobile Booking Apps

  • Healthcare – Medical Clinics, Physiologists & Massage Therapists
  • Sports & Fitness – Gyms, Personal Trainers & Fitness Classes
  • Beauty & Wellness – Hair Salons, Beauty Salons & SPAs
  • Professional Services – Law Firms, Real Estate Agents & more
  • Education – Colleges, Universities, Schools & Libraries
  • Events & Entertainment – Photographers, Food Trucks & others

How to create a mobile booking application in a few minutes?

  • Leverage a mobile app builder like Reservifi to easily create a booking app instead of using traditional mobile app development methods.
  • Drag & drop the features that you want in your mobile app within seconds.
  • Choose a theme, colors, design elements & icons to customize your booking app.
  • Edit, replace or remove any features that you don’t like with the help of the unlimited editing feature.
  • Preview your app in real-time with the help of the Real-time preview feature.
  • Once you are good to go, submit a publish request on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

That’s it! You can start using your personalized mobile booking application to boost bookings & increase sales for your business.

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