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Most people know that 2020 has been a tough year for many businesses. Nobody expected the pandemic to hit almost every business on the planet. The effects of this pandemic have crept into 2021 & many countries are still fighting it.

Many businesses had to either close down their operations or adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. This is where Mobile Booking made a huge difference. How? Read on to find out!

Mobile Booking Statistics You Should Know

  • According to a small survey that was conducted on Mobile Booking for small & large businesses, around 65% of users prefer to book an appointment via a mobile app.
  • Push Notifications coupled with Email & Text Reminders resulted in an almost 60% reduction of no-shows.
  • Around 62% of customers expect & prefer better customer experience after the pandemic period. That can be easily achieved with the help of a Booking App.

Benefits of a Mobile Booking Application

  1. You can seamlessly send push notifications to customers as soon as they schedule an appointment with you.
  2. You can also leverage reminder push notifications to easily minimize no-shows.
  3. Offer one-time or special discounts to customers who avail of services from your business regularly.
  4. Take advantage of customer analytics to offer personalized content & services which in turn will help you to drive business growth.
  5. You can also offer a loyalty program to your customers so that you can get sustained revenue.

How did Mobile Booking Help Businesses Adapt & Innovate?

In most appointment-centred businesses, customers have to either call, send an email or stand in the line to schedule an appointment. But, as you know, social distancing is mandatory. So, you cannot just stand in a queue & wait for your turn.

Calling or sending an email to book an appointment is also cumbersome. Why? Many times, the customer support executives tend to be busy on another call. So, you’ll wait to hold the line. Even emails are not that simple. So, why mobile booking?

The answer is pretty self-explanatory – Customers can self-book an appointment in a matter of minutes. No Phone calls, Emails or Waiting in long lines/queues. The freedom to book an appointment any time you want helps customers to manage their schedules with ease. But that’s not all!

Mobile Booking also allows business to leverage their resources efficiently. By doing away with call-based/email-based appointments, businesses can save additional costs. They can also focus on making customer experiences more enjoyable. Here are ways through which Mobile Booking enabled businesses to adapt & innovate in 2021.

Offering Virtual Appointments

Due to the pandemic, various educational institutions & businesses resorted to online appointments.

One of the biggest benefiters of this trend was Zoom. Almost every Government & Private Entity leveraged Zoom’s online video conferencing services to seamlessly communicate with each other.

Even businesses made the most of the Zoom platform to offer services to customers. One of the biggest benefits of offering virtual appointments is that many small & medium businesses which focused on local audiences went global. How?

Up until now, small & medium businesses didn’t have the means to attract a global audience. But with Zoom by their side, many businesses started offering their services via virtual appointments to global clients. Since nobody has to travel, virtual appointments became a win-win solution for customers & businesses.

Providing Convenience to Customers

Mobile appointment scheduling empowered customers to freely select their appointment slots 24/7.

Surveys about mobile self-scheduling stated that around 45% of users preferred scheduling an appointment with the help of a mobile app.

When compared to traditional appointment scheduling that almost takes 7-10 minutes, mobile booking emerges as the winner with appointment scheduling spanning a few seconds or just a minute.

With overloaded schedules& less free time, customers want a booking process that is easy & flexible. Mobile booking offers just that!

Managing Schedules Became Easier

The pandemic might’ve wearied off, but precautions still have to be taken. Authorities have made it mandatory to sanitize surfaces with the help of disinfectants so that the virus & its impact maybe thwarted.

By offering a buffer time slot i.e., a time period where businesses can quickly sanitize their equipment for their next customers. These timeslots can be easily shared on the Mobile App so that customers can take note.

Push Notifications

Businesses had a hard time getting bookings. So, it was important that had to earn revenue from whatever bookings they got. However, how to ensure that customers showed up?

Enter Push Notifications – Businesses had to simply send out attractive push notifications that reminded customers about their appointment time slot. This way customers were easily reminded of their appointment & businesses were able to generate revenue.

These are few ways through which Mobile Booking has helped businesses adapt & innovate in 2021. Want to build an easy-to-use booking app for your business? Head over to Reservifi which boasts powerful features like Drag & Drop, Real-Time Preview, Unlimited Editing & more.

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