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Gone are the days when mobile applications were only used by large eCommerce platforms & businesses like Amazon and Walmart.

A few years back, developing a mobile app was a huge task as it required complex technologies, extensive code writing & skilled personnel. But not anymore!

With the advent of low-code & no-code development platforms, even small & mid-tier businesses are leveraging mobile applications.

But, what exactly is low-code & no-code development?

In these app development methods, the requirement of coding is less to nil. So, now, almost anyone can create a mobile application since there is no need of writing extensive code or employing professional app developers.

That is why mobile apps & their development is steadily gaining prominence among large enterprises as well as budding startups.

So, what does this mean for small businesses who offer services? Let’s find out!

Why Does Your Business Need a Customized Booking App?

Let’s take a simple example, you just got home from work & you are about to gorge on some delicious snacks while watching your favorite Netflix show. 

Suddenly, you realize that you forgot to give your car for maintenance service as you have an upcoming family trip next week. You need your car to be in tip-top shape.

What will you do?

If only your nearest car services provider had a booking application. Things would’ve been easy right? You can just schedule a car maintenance service with a few taps on your smartphone.

This example can also apply to Beauty salons, Physiotherapy centres, medical clinics, event management companies & many more small businesses.

With an easy-to-use booking application, you can seamlessly set up your shop on your customer’s smartphone. 

Whenever your customer needs service, he will just unlock his/her smartphone, check out your services & schedule an appointment as per his/her preference.

Amazing, isn’t it?

That is why many businesses who have offline stores or online presence (websites) are nudging towards deploying a customized booking application.

Benefits of a Customized Booking App for Your Business

  1. 24/7 Visibility to all the Customers

Check this out – This how people use mobile applications:

  • At home
  • Throughout the day at work
  • While watching TV
  • While travelling i.e. either to office/vacations.
  • Even washrooms!

People are hooked to mobile apps as smartphones are portable. If a new service/product comes in a nearby store they will first search about it on their mobile phone rather than going to a desktop/laptop. Why?

Because browsing on a mobile phone is much easier as compared to bulky computers.

So, if a new or an existing business releases a mobile application, most of the local people tend to download the app rather than personally visiting the store to check out the services.

Guess what? You don’t need to keep your shop open all the time as your virtual shop i.e. your personalized booking application will be available on the customer’s smartphone 24/7 to showcase your services & other important information.

Just make sure that you use an eye-catchy app logo along with beautiful design elements to deliver an excellent user experience.

  1. Leverage Push Notifications to showcase your services

Mobile Deep Linking or Push Notifications can have a powerful effect on your customers. How?

Personalized recommendations go a long way in nudging potential customers to avail your services.

Some of the customized recommendations include:

  • Lucrative Deals
  • Discounts
  • Flash Sales
  • First-Time Special Discounts
  • Ongoing Cashback/Voucher Offers

Mobile applications or specifically booking apps can seamlessly leverage the powerful push notification feature to convert maybe users into loyal customers.

But, developing a booking app traditionally (coding) is expensive, cumbersome & requires trained professionals who are hard to find. 

On the contrary, an Easy Mobile App Builder helps you to reduce app development costs & can even enable a layman to build a mobile application within minutes. You just need to use visual features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview instead of writing extensive codes.

  1. Boost Customer Engagement

What is one thing that customers want in a booking application? 

An easy way to reach out to the business who is providing the services. 

In the past few decades, people had to find the contact number in public directories to reach out to a particular service.

But in the last few years, things have changed! Technologies became advanced and mobile phones got smarter. Hence, mobile apps became more intuitive.

So, you just need to place an in-app chat bot or a help desk feature which can enable customers to seamlessly reach out to you in case of any queries or complaints.

You can also add social media platform links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others which can help your customers to connect with your brands.

All of these innovative techniques can dramatically improve customer engagement which will help you to build a robust brand image for your business & provide amazing value to your customers.

  1. Improve Customer Loyalty

The ultimate goal of any business is to cultivate & nurture customer loyalty.

One of the best ways to do this is to provide an easy-to-use booking application to your customers.

Customers are already bombarded by Billboards, TV advertisements, Newspaper & Social Media ads. If you employ the same techniques to lure customers, then it won’t work.

Instead, focus on a personalized experience which can be easily provided with the help of a booking application. This will go a long way in building customers trust which will eventually translate to amazing customer loyalty towards your brand.

These are a few significant reasons why your business needs a booking application.

You can use a No-code Easy Mobile App Builder called Storifi which helps you to create visually appealing, feature-rich booking apps within minutes for your business.

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