Bundled Services

Every business wants to entice new customers to generate excellent revenue. One of the best ways to do this is to provide bundled services.

Let us take a simple example, Mark owns a web design studio & wants to get more customers & revenue. He provides each web designing service as a separate product. 

This can lead customers to awry as they have to select each service & pay for it separately. But, this is where a service bundle can make the difference.

Instead of providing separate services, bundle allied services into one package & offer it to customers as a yearly plan. This helps customers to avail an array of services with one single purchase.

It also results in improved revenue generation & customer loyalty as they would stick to your brand due to its better business value.

Additionally, leveraging a mobile booking app to provide such service packages can prove to be an amazing advantage over other businesses. So, let’s learn about the necessity of offering packages & its immense benefits for businesses.

Why are Bundled Services necessary for Businesses?

The idea of providing a package is pretty simple!

Instead of offering a single appointment to customers, you can club multiple appointments/services & provide more value to customers.

To sweeten the deal, you can provide such packages at a discounted price which will surely nudge your clients to avail your services.

For example:

  • Instead of offering a one-time appointment of your yoga session for 50 bucks, you can bundle 4 appointments for 150-150 bucks.
  • Hair salons can offer a bundled service of 200 bucks for 5 appointments instead of 70 bucks for a single appointment.

So, with an easy-to-use mobile booking app along with such enticing packages, you can easily gain more customers & generate revenue for your business with minimal efforts.

Benefits of Bundled Services via a Mobile Booking App

Here are some amazing perks of booking app-based bundled service packages:

Amazing Customer Experience

Providing an easy-to-use booking app along with exciting packages can go a long way in helping your business to generate more revenue.

Almost 80-90% of customers own a smartphone & use mobile apps daily. So, offering an intuitive mobile booking app will certainly help your business in the long run.

Customers can easily avail your services with a few clicks on their smartphone. Add some lucrative bundled services & you have a winning formula to generate more revenue for your business!

With a powerful booking app builder like Reservifi, you can seamlessly create an easy-to-use booking app within minutes to drive your business growth.

Increased Customer Loyalty & Referrals

Bundled services can seamlessly transform one-time customers into loyal customers.

So, now instead of worrying about one-off clients, you can easily get loyal customers who will avail your services time & time again. 

So, once your clients are fully satisfied with your service, they won’t leave your business for others. They will stick to your brand due to excellent customer service.

Additionally, customers will even refer your services to other people since you provide a functional mobile app which can help anyone to avail your services with a few clicks.

Consistent Stream of Income with a Service Bundle

You do not have to worry about your next client! How can that be possible?

Simple! As we saw earlier, instead of offering a one-time appointment you provide a bundled package which will seamlessly improve your client & revenue inflow.

So, by providing bundled services, you reduce your efforts while increasing your revenue generation avenues. Not only that, but customers also stick to your business longer since they have availed your service package.

All you need to do is provide excellent service & a seamless way to schedule appointments. This can be easily achieved by offering a personalized mobile booking app for your customers.

These are some exciting benefits of bundled services that will help you to gain more customers & enhance revenue generation.

Want to build a custom booking app for your business? Check out Reservifi which boasts of powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview which enables you to build a booking app within minutes.

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