Cancelling & Rescheduling Appointments


Easy Cancelling & Rescheduling

Leverage our No Code Platform for booking app to provide customers with an easy way to cancel and reschedule their appointments in your booking application.

Offer Convenience to Customers

Integrate seamless booking management into your Appointment Scheduling App to give customers total control over their bookings.


Minimize No Shows

By providing an efficient way to cancel & reschedule an appointment, you not only save bookings but reduce no shows as well.

No Code Platform

Leverage our DIY mobile app builder to incorporate features that are relevant to your business needs. Build an easy-to-use Booking App within minutes to increase revenue.

Online Appointment Management

Reservifi lets you integrate appointment cancelling & rescheduling into your booking app as well as the online website to offer total convenience to consumers. Easily manage your online appointments with Reservifi.

Seamlessly Manage your Calendar

Worried about calendar management? Reservifi has your back! Easily check cancelled & rescheduled appointments by using the calendar feature in your booking app.

Enjoy Enhanced Revenue

Leverage push notifications in your booking app to nudge users to consider rescheduling their appointment in case they cancelled it. They won’t miss their appointments and you get to generate more revenue!


Seamlessly Manage Your Bookings with Reservifi!

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