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Conversations have been a part of human civilization since time immemorial. People exchange information primarily by talking with each other.

The advent of digitization has indeed brought about some revolutionary changes in the way people talk with each other. There are social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Messengers like Whatsapp and Telegram which are helping people to seamlessly converse with anyone across the world.

The same ease of conversation must be integrated into mobile applications as they are some of the most-used technological solutions in the world. But most of the content found on these apps is not personalized. Many times these apps have straightforward communication which is good but not great.

But this is where small & large businesses can incorporate conversational responses which help customers to relate with your brand in a better way. So let’s dive into the world of personalized responses and know about how these can help your business to build lasting customer relationships with the help of an online booking management app

What are Personalized Responses all about?

Small businesses like hair & beauty salons, medical clinics and others are leveraging booking apps to attract new customers, improve bookings & drive business growth.

Booking apps do offer a lot of amazing features like push notifications, smart banners, clean UI & excellent performance that translates to seamless user experience. However, you can go one step further by integrating conversational content – be it in responses, notifications, product/service descriptions, invoices & more!

As the name itself implies, personalized/conversational responses are those which give users a sense of having a conversation with a person rather than plain marketing texts like “buy this or check this out”.

There are 2 primary aspects to conversational responses:

  1. Your Booking App Must Communicate As a Human does

After reading the first point, thoughts or questions like these might arise:

  • Are you crazy? 
  • How can that be achieved?
  • Apps don’t have a mind of their own
  • We need to spend months or even years to perfect such responses

I totally agree with you. But, here’s the thing, with trailblazing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and more at your disposal, things can become very simple. These technologies are primarily being used to address the challenges of personalized responses.

Additionally, you can include personalized content when it comes to push notifications, smart banners, service descriptions and more. So, instead of notifying customers with a bland line like:

“Visit our hair salon”

You can do something like this – Looks like your hair needs some good care, why not step into our salon for a complimentary service?

  1. Leverage New Messaging Channels

Customers mostly spend their time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & more.

While sending out notifications via your booking app is a good thing, you can go the extra mile and run a send out personalized texts/run campaigns to attract new customers. You can leave out a link telling them to check out your booking app & if they want to know more, they can always use the live chat feature that you have provided in your customized application.

Tips to Integrate Personalized Responses in your Booking App

  1. Write Like Your Users Normally Speak

When you write content for:

  • Push Notifications
  • Smart Banners
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile Deep Linking for Specific Services

It should sound conversational. If you read the content our loud & it sounds awkward then it’s not personalized nor is it conversational. Filling the content with industrial jargons, difficult terms & high-level English in your booking app will only make it difficult for users to understand. So, keep it short, simple & conversational!

  1. Connect with respect to User’s Context

The main idea of personalized responses is to enable your booking app to connect with the user. You can only connect with them if you have the proper context.

Things like:

  • Who is the user that your booking app is trying to converse with?
  • Geography – Are they located locally or globally? 
  • What are the challenges that your users face daily?
  • Why did someone download your app in the first place?

Designing & developing content for your online booking management app based on relevant context can help your business reap rich dividends.

  1. Don’t Merely Market Your Services

A conversation is essentially a dialogue. But, many times businesses fail to understand this simple aspect & just market their services like there’s no tomorrow.

You need to take time & understand customer’s feedback, their grievances, challenges that they face & even support tickets that customers raise. All of this data can give you critical insights which can then be used to effectively improve your services. Not only that, but it will also help you to enhance your booking app content by making it more personalized.

By implementing these effective tips, you can seamlessly build lasting customer relationships via your booking app.

If you are a business owner or plan to start one, then you should build a mobile app for it. While traditional app development is cumbersome, you can always opt for a robust no code platform for booking app called Reservifi that lets you build easy-to-use booking apps by leveraging powerful features like Drag & Drop, Unlimited Editing & Real-Time Preview.

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