Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile Deep Linking is an effective way to increase mobile app engagement & retain customers for your business.

Let’s take a simple example:

  1. You want to schedule an appointment for house cleaning service at your preferred date.
  2. You search online & get a good house cleaning service provider who also offers a mobile app for easy booking.
  3. You install the app & go through the booking process. However, you are unsatisfied with the pricing, so you defer the appointment.
  4. This is where deep linking comes into the picture. You send out a lucrative push notification that offers a one-time discount/cashback.
  5. This will nudge you to eventually book & avail their services affordably.

Let’s quickly learn about mobile deep linking, its advantages & some effective tips that you can leverage to boost the engagement of customers for your booking app.

What is Mobile Deep Linking?

Mobile Deep Linking is an effective way to link your content in the app i.e. products, services & allied features.

So, when a user opens your booking app, he will come across the home page and he will have to search for other pages of your app. 

But with a deep link, you can help customers reach target pages quickly. Some of these are:

  • Specific Service/Product Pages
  • New Content like Blogs
  • Special Discount Pages
  • Email Subscription Page

This can be done via push notifications, smart banners or pop-up alerts on the browsing screen. You can also redirect the customers to check out your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more!

By incorporating such deep linking methods into your app, the customer won’t be left confused by the app’s features or functions. Instead, you get an opportunity to showcase your services effectively. Who knows? They might most likely schedule an appointment to avail your services.

Significance of Mobile Deep Linking in Booking Apps

Websites generally use deep links to drive sales & showcase new products to customers. However, deep linking is steadily being leveraged by mobile apps to ensure fluid navigational experience while boosting bookings & customer engagement.

The mobile app market is very competitive. So, you need to develop a mobile booking app that offers an exceptional user experience which enables a customer to engage with your app even more.

This is where mobile deep linking can make a difference. You can notify customers via personalized push notifications & smart alerts that take customers to certain pages in your app.

Some important applications of deep linking for mobile apps are:

  • To help customers reconsider completing their booking.
  • Lucrative coupon codes/vouchers
  • Showcase new app features
  • Loyalty programs

With busy lifestyles & shortening attention span coupled with fast internet speeds & competitive mobile bookings, customers can easily switch to another app within seconds.

So, it is imperative to incorporate alluring design elements & mobile deep linking-based alerts to enhance customer engagement.

Advantages of Mobile Deep Linking for Booking Apps

  1. Boost Conversions & Generate More Revenue

With mobile deep links, you can seamlessly shorten common app paths like checkout, specific services pages & deals.

This will help customers to seamlessly book your services or check out new offers as well as discounts resulting in more sales & revenue.

  1. Re-engagement of App Users

Some mobile app users install your app & leave it without using. With targeted push notifications & smart pop-ups, you can prompt customers to check out the app.

Eventually, customers will give in to the lucrative deals of your mobile booking app & check it out to try out your services.

  1. Amazing App User Experience

Deep links are just like shortcuts on a laptop. You place a shortcut on your laptop screen that lets you access a particular file or an app with ease.

Similarly, mobile deep linking helps customers to readily access pages that are difficult to access via app menus. This streamlines app navigation & helps customers to effectively use your app.

Tips to Boost Customer Engagement via Mobile Deep Linking

  1. Recapture Abandoned Bookings

Nudge users to reconsider scheduling their appointment via effective deep link push notifications.

You can add a one-time discount/cashback offer to sweeten the deal so that the customer will be promoted to avail your service.

  1. Seamlessly Promote New Services & Offers 

Instead of leaving customers to fend for themselves when it comes to finding new services or offers, you can actively notify them of upcoming sales and new services.

This will help customers understand that you value them & their preference. Thus deep linking in mobile app will improve customer engagement & also enhance customer bookings.

  1. Reduce No-Shows via personalized reminders

Many times customers tend to forget about their scheduled appointment. Your booking mobile app can be leveraged to seamlessly notify customers about upcoming appointments.

This reduces customer no-shows while boosting sales & business growth.

  1. Nudge customers to follow your social media pages

You can also showcase smart app alerts that prompt customers to follow your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & others.

This effectively enhances customer engagement & brand visibility.

Thus mobile deep linking for your booking app can seamlessly improve app engagement which results in more customers & excellent business growth. 

You can also leverage a powerful booking app builder like Reservifi to create an easy-to-use booking app with the help of trailblazing features like Drag & Drop, Unlimited Editing & Real-time Preview.

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