Booking Management


All-in-One Dashboard

Our booking management app enables you to seamlessly check all the information about your upcoming appointments.

Payments Management

Reservifi makes payments management a breeze by offering a single dashboard which helps you to check all the payment information.


Invoice Management

Leverage our No Code Platform for booking app to readily send out invoices to customers who avail your services.

Simplified Customer Management

Our Online Booking Management App empowers you to effectively manage customer information. Adding new customer profiles or editing existing ones is a piece of cake.

Process Payments with Ease

Leverage our intuitive dashboard to seamlessly identify the payment status of a customer. You can also moderate & approve payments with a few simple clicks.

View Complete Booking Information

Reservifi seamlessly categorizes each customer according to name, date, time slot & payment status. This will help you to easily identify customers & do follow-ups.

Stripe Integration

Integrate Stripe into your booking app to offer flexible payment options to your customers. Stripe works with major credit card networks!


Simplify Booking Management with Reservifi Today!

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