Customer Loyalty in 2021
5 Ways to Earn & Build Customer Loyalty in 2021

Customer loyalty is a well-known term that is given importance by large & small-scale businesses. Simply attracting new clients will not necessarily ensure higher revenue. However, if you focus on customer retention & customer loyalty then that will obviously lead

No-Code Platforms
How to Build a Booking App in No-Code Platforms?

Traditional mobile app development was considered to be a boon a decade ago. However, things have changed & businesses want things to be done quickly (even mobile app development!). This led to innovations in app development methods that includes the

online booking widget
Where to Position Book Now Widget on Your Website?

Getting visitors onto your businesses’ website is no easy feat. Prompting them to avail of your services with the help of a Booking widget is even more difficult since many visitors just want to check out your services whereas others

importance of customer loyalty
How to Prioritize Loyal Clients with Mobile Booking?

Loyal Clients are an important asset for any business. So, how can you prioritize loyal clients with the help of an easy-to-use mobile booking app? Read on to find out! Loyal Clients – Why are they Important? 1. Enjoy a

Mobile Booking
How Mobile Booking has helped businesses adapt & innovate in 2021?

Most people know that 2020 has been a tough year for many businesses. Nobody expected the pandemic to hit almost every business on the planet. The effects of this pandemic have crept into 2021 & many countries are still fighting

Memorable Appointment Experience
6 Effective Ways to Create a Memorable Appointment Experience

A customer who wants to avail of a particular service from your business has certain expectations that include a seamless booking process, friendly staff & a great appointment experience. So, how can your business achieve that? Read on to find

Tips to Attract New Users to Your Booking Mobile App
Tips to Attract New Users to Your Booking Mobile App

You have just created a brand new booking mobile app for your business. You might’ve used a powerful No code platform that lets you create an amazing mobile app within minutes. But, creating a mobile app is just the initial

Booking Mobile App Builder
What to look for in a Booking Mobile App Builder?

Many people are venturing into the prospect of owning a business where they get clients through bookings/appointments. One of the best ways to get bookings for such businesses is through a booking mobile application. But, Building a mobile app is

Bundled Services
Generate More Revenue by providing Bundled Services in your Booking App

Every business wants to entice new customers to generate excellent revenue. One of the best ways to do this is to provide bundled services. Let us take a simple example, Mark owns a web design studio & wants to get

benefits of third party integrations
Benefits of Third Party Integrations for your Mobile Booking App

A simple booking app is essential for any business. However, such businesses can leverage the benefits of third party integrations to personalize their services to the customers. For example, you are building a mobile booking app for your pet grooming

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Customer Loyalty in 2021
No-Code Platforms
online booking widget
importance of customer loyalty
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