benefits of third party integrations

A simple booking app is essential for any business. However, such businesses can leverage the benefits of third party integrations to personalize their services to the customers.

For example, you are building a mobile booking app for your pet grooming business. You might’ve undertaken a traditional mobile app development process or used a powerful mobile app builder like Reservifi to build your app.

While you have provided all the basic features that will help customers to seamlessly book your services, some useful third-party integrations services can help your booking app to become more versatile.

These integrations can help customers to use their favorite tools in your app which improves the overall customer experience. Let’s learn about the perks of third-party integrations for your mobile booking app.

4 Benefits of Third Party Integrations for Your Booking App

Here are 4 exciting advantages of third-party integrations for your booking app:

Versatility – One of The Benefits of Third-Party Integrations Services

Integrations when done right can prove to be a boon for a mobile booking app. Your booking app generally contains the basic features that will help customers to check out or avail your services.

But with third-party integrations like:

  • Zoom – Can easily make a call if they need to know more about your services.
  • Google Calendar – Customers can check the appointment in google calendar app if they use it for their daily activities.

There are many other integrations that can seamlessly transform your app into a dynamic booking app for customers.

You can also leverage a powerful booking mobile app builder called Reservifi to create an easy-to-use booking app and leverage the benefits of third party integrations to drive business growth.

Added Business Value – Do Less Get More

One of the amazing benefits of third party integrations is its exciting value proposition for your booking app.

Add two or three integrations to your booking app to offer an alluring package of features to your customers. Customers need such integrations that can help them to use your app better.

Additionally, integrating third party services can accelerate your mobile application development time as you need not develop these features/functionalities from scratch.

This results in excellent value for your booking app & gives your business a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Integrate Social Media – Encourage User Engagement

Integrating social media feeds or encouraging your customers to share your business on social media platforms is a great way to improve customer engagement.

This is one of the major benefits of third party integrations as most customers are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more. They tend to readily associate themselves with your business if they find it on social media.

So, they will naturally share your business due to your booking apps exciting features, amazing customer service & more!

Excellent User Experience – The End Result

The main goal of integrating third-party services to your booking app provides an intuitive experience to customers.

By doing so, you not only gain customer’s trust but increase bookings for your business since customers value those businesses who keep customers interest first. 

These are some wonderful benefits of having a mobile app that has third party integration. You can also take advantage of an easy-to-use booking app builder called Reservifi that lets you create amazing booking apps in a few minutes.

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