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The mobile app industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The adoption of mobile apps by almost everyone around the world has made this industry profitable.

Even small & medium-sized businesses are leveraging a booking app to provide services to customers. These are the same businesses that depended on traditional marketing strategies like billboards & ads in newspapers to showcase their services.

But, now with the help of a booking application, such businesses are clocking more revenue as compared to previous traditional practices. So, what are the innovative methods that they have tried to boost their revenue? Let’s find out!

6 Revenue Generating Methods with A Booking App

  1. Seamless implementation of Customer-centric strategies

Nowadays, almost every business is fast-paced. Every startup/enterprise needs more customers, better sales & revenue. However, to achieve this one of the top-most priorities of your business should be to provide excellent customer experience.

The proliferation of mobile apps has transformed the way businesses understand customers. Now, they can seamlessly understand customer’s micro-moments (service choices, specific product/service page view times, purchasing preferences) and direct correct & targeted content to convert them into loyal customers.

A booking application can also help you understand more about each phase of the customer journey i.e. moments where people want to:

  • Find Inspiration
  • Learn more about your services
  • Make a purchase

After understanding such nuances about customers and their experience pertaining to your service, you can easily implement customer-oriented strategies to accelerate your business growth.

  1. Go Glocal

Wait a minute? I heard global, but what’s Glocal all about?

To put it simply, you start a business locally (for the neighboring community), but you must also plan in such a way that your business will debut globally few months or few years down the line. But, Global debut would be a huge challenge, right?

It is indeed challenging, but the risk-to-reward ratio is worth it and with a booking mobile application, going Global or should I say “Glocal” is as easy as taking a walk in the park. Going international will result in:

  • More new customers
  • People from different demographics become your customers
  • You get to learn about the preferences of various region-specific customers
  • You can implement the same local strategies for global customers

  1. Boost Bookings with personalized content

Mobile apps offer a high-degree of customization. Such customizations can be done in the content section real-time to offer customers a personalized experience. This will help your business to improve bookings as customers will notice that you value their choices & interests. 

For example, you can seamlessly monitor the frequency of purchasing of specific customers with a booking application. This crucial data can then be used to tackle challenges like cart abandonment, drop-out rates of customers & more. 

  1. Enhanced per-customer bookings with targeted notifications

A booking app can easily help you to track individual customer preferences via their purchasing/product checking behavior. You can easily obtain strong insights about:

  • The most viewed product/service
  • Most searched product/service
  • Most engaging products/services
  • Most used features and most viewed content

By using this data, you can add more features to your booking application like:

  • Product/Service Suggestions
  • Recently viewed products/services
  • In-app reviews
  • Back on popular demand services

These features in your booking application will help you to get more bookings & revenue per customer.

  1. Attract repeat customers with lucrative deals

By leveraging a powerful feature of the booking application called Push Notifications, you can seamlessly notify customers about new deals, offers & upcoming bundled packages.

A mobile application is your partner when it comes to devising new marketing strategies as you can readily get insights into customer behavior, purchasing patterns & more. Such data of repeat customers can be leveraged to send out targeted deals or one-time discounts. This will result in increased loyalty of customers towards your brand.

  1. More Customer Engagement Leads to More Business

While a booking application can certainly help you get more customers easily, the hard part is to retain them. Customers usually engage with your business more when they get some perks out of it. So, you can add some add-on benefits like:

  • Access to premium services
  • Loyalty programs with priority service
  • Goodies
  • Exclusive flash sales for premium customers

So, more engagement results in more business and all of this can be achieved with an easy-to-use booking application.

These are 6 tried & tested methods that you can implement in your booking application to generate more revenue.

If you are planning to build a booking mobile application for your business, then you must check out an amazing booking mobile app builder called Reservifi. It lets you create easy-to-use booking apps with the help of powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing, real-time preview & more.

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