Customer Loyalty in 2021

Customer loyalty is a well-known term that is given importance by large & small-scale businesses. Simply attracting new clients will not necessarily ensure higher revenue. However, if you focus on customer retention & customer loyalty then that will obviously lead to a steady income for your business.

But, gaining customer loyalty in today’s fast-paced world is a challenge. In addition to that, there are many competitors out there that are trying to lure customers towards themselves. In such scenarios, you need to follow some proven customer loyalty tactics & tips to earn & build customer loyalty. Read on to know about them!

5 Customer Loyalty Strategies to Leverage in 2021

1. Improve the Customer Experience

Every client out there expects good customer service. This applies to all kinds of businesses including those that require scheduling appointments (salons, dentists, entertainment agencies & more).

But, why does customer service matter?

A leading survey conducted in 2021 showed that around 86% of customers are ready to pay more provided they receive great customer service.

The aforementioned statement is true because customers remember those businesses that treat them well.  They also remember those businesses that treat them poorly. But it doesn’t stop here.

These clients share about these businesses to their friends, colleagues, family member & on social media as well!

So, if these customers share positive feedback then that will result in more bookings, sales & revenue. On the other hand, negative reviews will only tarnish the brand image & discourage people from availing services from businesses that render poor customer service.

Therefore, you must focus on improving customer service (it won’t hurt if you go above & beyond for them!). This will automatically help you to gain customer loyalty.

2. Leverage Effective Communication Channels

It is important to frequently communicate with your customers (Don’t start mailing them every few mins).

This helps you keep your brand fresh in customers minds. In addition to that, you can share important information about your business in these communications like upcoming deals, the launch of new services, free complementary services for a limited time or festive deals. Here are few communication channels that you can use:

  • Social Media –Many people use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & many others to share their views, experiences (negative & positive) about services/products. By mentioning their username, customers try to bring attention to their complaints/reviews. If businesses showcase helpful & quick customer service then they can prove themselves to be reliable in the public’s eye.
  • Email – This is one of the most common forms of communication that businesses use. You can personally mail your customers regarding upcoming deals, one-time discounts & complimentary services for any inconvenience caused.

Apart from these, you can call your clients directly, send push notification of your personalized mobile app or chat with them live to build &maintain customer loyalty towards your brand.

3. Offer a Reward Program

Rewards programs are an innovative way to earn & build customer loyalty. How?

It lures customers into signing up an account on your businesses’ website or mobile app & whenever they spend anything i.e., to avail of your services or products, they get certain rewards. This is one of the cheapest ways to reward customers for their loyalty to your brand.

Here are 3 reward programs that you can implement for your business:

  • Rewards on Spend – As the name implies, these rewards are given to customers when they avail services or purchase products from your business.
  • Rewards as Points – Each booking/purchase of products translates to some points into the customer’s account.
  • Tier-based Program – In this program, customer’s need to reach a higher level if they want to earn more points/rewards.
  • VIP Program – These are basically exclusive programs that customers can avail of by paying a monthly or an annual fee. The customers will then get special discounts, perks & much more.

Note: The points & rewards can then be used to avail discounts or coupons on upcoming purchases or bookings.

All of these tactics can nudge customers to stick to your brand instead of switching over to others. Pretty easy, right? But there are still 2 more tips that can help you to build customer loyalty. Check out the next one.

4. Encourage Customer Feedback

Effectively seek out customer feedback from all your clients to build, improve & retain customer loyalty.

You can do this by sending out short surveys, push notifications (short opinion polls), asking simple questions on phone calls or sending emails. You can also nudge them to share their experience on social media platforms so that you can easily know how customers feel about your services & products.

Such online/offline reviews offer you the opportunity to responsibly respond to positive & negative feedback. This also showcases your brand’s ability to effectively engage with customers &professionally resolve their queries.

The result – Improved customer loyalty & an enhanced brand image!

5. Provide an Intuitive Mobile Application

Most people own smartphones & install or use numerous apps every day.  Rather than bogging down customers with frequent calls or emails, you can easily communicate with your clients via an easy-to-use booking app.

You might think that building a mobile app is a tedious process. But you’ll feel at ease knowing that technological advancements have brought forth No-Code Platforms on which even laymen can build intuitive mobile apps within minutes.

This will not only simplify the booking process but also prompts customers to check your app from time to time for any new deals, complementary services, upcoming events & more.

These are 5 tips to effectively build customer loyalty in 2021. Want to build an easy-to-use booking app for your business? Then you should check out Reservifi. It is an intuitive No-Code Platform that helps you to seamlessly build a booking application by leveraging features like Drag & Drop Builder, Unlimited Editing, Real-Time Preview & more.

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Customer Loyalty in 2021

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