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Booking Mobile app development has witnessed amazing innovations during the past decade.

From extensive code-writing, the app development process has now reached a new era which is dominated by No Code Platform for booking app. Many companies still prefer the traditional way of building mobile apps i.e. lengthy code, a team of app developers & testers.

However, it is the simplicity of no-code platforms that is drawing many businesses to leverage it & develop feature-rich booking applications. While each business has its own set of personalization requirements, there are a few aspects that developers need to keep in mind while developing a booking app to ensure excellent user experience.

The 4 Best Practices of Booking App Building

Whether you are going the traditional way or using a Booking Mobile App Builder, you need to focus on these 4 best practices while building a booking app to ensure seamless user experience:

Choosing the Appropriate Font

Imagine this, one of your customers opens your custom booking application to schedule an appointment. As he/she opens it, they see that the font size of the menu bar is too big. They ignore it thinking that I might be a glitch. So, they move on to open the menu bar & select the “schedule an appointment” option. Here, the font size is smaller. Now, they start getting a bit irritated thinking that it is most likely a bug. By the time they reach the appointment scheduling page, they are welcomed by irregular font size while some words are in a different typeface altogether.

All of these subtle things will make a huge difference in the customer’s perspective about your business & your booking application. By choosing an appropriate & uniform font size along with an eye catchy font typeface, you can easily get customers hooked to your booking application. If you are choosing a No Code Platform for booking app, then choosing the right font & font size becomes a whole lot easier. You just need to select the font elements instead of writing extensive codes.

The Right Color Scheme

One of the famous quotes on color goes like this – Color holds the power to influence the soul. Rightly said! Isn’t it?

You might’ve come across some mobile apps that have a bland color scheme. Such apps showcase the fact that the developers behind it had no real intent of building a great app. Well, this assumption might be wrong. Why? 

The app makers might’ve put in some real efforts to build a world-class app but when it came to color scheme, they didn’t put in the time nor the efforts. So a tiny thing like choosing the right color scheme can make your app to be more visually attractive.

Customers don’t hesitate when it comes to switching to a competitor’s booking app. If your app is not aesthetically pleasing, it takes hardly 30-40 seconds to install a different app & avail their services. So one of the most important best practices of Booking App Building is selecting the right color scheme for your app.

Navigation Menu Icons

As we saw in the first point, variations in font size can have disastrous effects on your booking app.

Similarly, choosing an inappropriate set of icons for your menu bar, side bars, cart & other areas can ruin the whole user experience of the customer. If you are leveraging a Booking Mobile App Builder, then you can easily select an appropriate icon for each part of your mobile app – be it menu bar or appointment scheduling page.

By integrating appropriate icons, you offer the users a seamless navigation experience which will most probably translate to increased bookings & enhanced revenue for your business.

Embedding Text on Images

While driving, you might’ve come across huge billboards showcasing latest gadgets, jewellery and more. While one part of the hoarding has an image, the other part has some catch-phrase. This creates a lasting impression on the viewer.

Similarly, when you are uploading some images onto your booking app to announce an upcoming sale or a deal, add a catchy line that will instantly grab the attention of the user. He/she will most probably come back onto your app & give your services a try. How cool is that!

These are 4 best practices that you must incorporate while building a personalized booking application. If you are someone who doesn’t know coding but wants to build a booking application for your business, then you should check out Reservifi. It is an amazing No Code Platform for booking app that enables even laymen to build a robust feature-rich booking application within minutes.

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